Appealing a court decision can be a daunting process. To begin, there are issues of jurisdiction, cost, timing, and determining what issues are actually ripe for an appeal. When called upon to assist clients, we help by performing the following services:

  • Reviewing your chances of success on appeal
  • Legal Research relating the grounds supporting an appeal
  • Filing paperwork as necessary to initiate the appeal process
  • Determining what issues should be appealed
  • Determining the need for a bond
  • Determining which portions of the record are necessary for the Extract
  • Preparing the Appellate Briefs
  • Representation during mediation efforts by appellate court officers
  • Arguing your Appeal to the Court
  • Post Appellate filings as necessary.

When weighing the benefit of filing or defending an appeal, there are four (4) main sources of costs to consider:

  1. Price of a Bond (if necessary)
  2. Transcript of Proceedings
  3. Production of Briefs and Extracts (remember – up to 20 copies may be required for the court)
  4. Attorneys Fees

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